Hello Zhì

Hello Zhì helps companies and organizations to have the knowledge, understanding and ability to benefit from the opportunities that arise from the booming Chinese tourism market.

Our services and products help companies and organizations to benefit from the ever growing number of Chinese tourists in Europe.

Our aim is to enable countries, regions, cities and local businesses to provide the free independent traveler from China a great travel experience and that this free independent traveler will leave as an ambassador back home

We currently work with a small team of likeminded China enthusiasts from downtown Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We are proud that our clients are widely spread around Europe and Africa and can be found in found in Iceland, Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Emile Ruig

With a great interest in Asia I graduated in Indonesia. After Indonesia I returned to the Netherlands and worked for international companies as Booking.com and Robeco as innovation consultant. I got fascinated by the changing tourism market in China. Now I am happy use my knowledge and  research about China’s tourism market to help companies benefit from the raising number of Chinese visitors in Europe.

CO-FOUNDER & Online innovation consultant

Robert Westerhuis (MSc)

My passion for traveling and the travel industry started around my 15th. My fascination for China started on one of my trips around the world.  I visited over 60 countries at the age of 28. I am happy to be able to combine my passion and study- (MSc. Business Administration) & work background to help companies and organizations to benefit from the changing outbound Chinese tourism market.

CO-FOUNDER & Innovative strategy consultant

Companies we have worked for: